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Our Vision

FISCO IR will provide a service platform that underpins the investment environment, helping to create a new investment eco system.

We will constantly develop and expand our service lineup creatively and from multiple perspectives to address the IR issues faced by stock issuing companies that use our service platform.

For investors, we will provide an unparalleled service platform that will play an essential role in accurately evaluating corporate value, helping them to maximize investment earnings in accordance with the Stewardship Code.

We will offer an application that incorporates an unstructured corporate database containing expansive, multifaceted data and state-of-the-art technology. To this end, we aim to harness the combined organizational capabilities of the FISCO Group in a dynamic evolution process to create essential infrastructure for maintaining an optimal cycle within the investment ecosystem.

Through our service platform we will provide intelligence related to investing and continue to engage in and contribute to the formation of new perspectives on the investment landscape. From our starting point in Japan, we will shift our focus in five years’ time to Asia and then expand globally.

As a constantly evolving group, each of our members continues to strive as a professional with a strong sense of mission and an entrepreneurial spirit. We will continue to integrate their various individual ideas to constantly create and provide brand new services.