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Message from Human Resources

Each FISCO IR employees performs their tasks while improving individual specialist expertise and skills and, at the same time, respecting each other’s respective specialist fields. All processes in corporate communication tool production are performed in-house and we provide clients with services that respond to their IR needs. Departments in charge vary depending on the service requirements, and there are times when members of several different departments will visit a client, depending on the project. Once a task has been assigned, a large element is left to the discretion of the person in charge, who must go about their duty with an image of how they want the job to work out. That requires advanced level professional awareness. We seek a level of ability regardless of gender or age, and always require progress.

FISCO IR is a collection of diverse people. When recruiting, rather than practical IR experience, we value people’s preferences regarding the type of work they want to perform after they join the company, how they can realize this wish and what aspects of their experience can be utilized. We have people who succeed in the company, despite having no experience in this field. People who join the company have a variety of experience. Don’t think it’s beyond you. Please call us first.