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Please direct inquiries for FISCO IR to the email address below.
A company representative will contact you.

* Secondary use of replies from FISCO either partially or in full is forbidden.

We will handle personal information obtained through the course of receiving this inquiry in the manner outlined below. Please read this before submitting your inquiry.

Submitting an inquiry shall be regarded as acceptance of our method of handling personal information. Please understand that inquiries cannot be made without accepting the terms.

Handling of personal information

    FISCO IR handles and manages personal information obtained through inquiries in an appropriate manner based on legal requirements and the FISCO personal information protection policy.

  • FISCO IR will use personal information obtained from customers only for the purpose of replying to inquiries.
  • In principle, responses to inquiries will be made by email, but may also be made in writing or by phone, depending on the content of the inquiry.
  • FISCO IR will not provide a third party with personal information obtained through inquiries without authorization from the information provider.
  • Handling of personal information obtained through inquiries will not be outsourced to a third party.
  • FISCO IR will respond within a rational scope in response to requests regarding complaints, consultations or disclosure of personal information from those whose information was obtained through an inquiry.
  • Provision of personal information when making an inquiry is voluntary, but inquiries without a name or email address will not be accepted, and the content of replies may be limited in some cases.
  • Depending on the content of an inquiry, it may be necessary to confirm the identity of the sender. Personal information obtained in the course of confirming the identity of the sender (name, email address, employer name and position, and phone number is submitted voluntarily.

Chief Personal Information Protection
and Management Officer
Hirotaka Nakagawa