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February 3, 2017

Start of Production and Distribution of Reports on Individual J-REIT Stocks

FISCO Ltd. (JASDAQ <3807>, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Hitoshi Kano; “FISCO”) and FISCO IR Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Motoki Sato; “FISCO IR” announced today that they have started a project involving the production and distribution of FISCO REIT Research Reports concerning the individual REIT stocks (REITs and real estate investment trusts) listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For the first report, on January 27 FISCO distributed a FISCO REIT Research Report on the "Star Asia Investment Corporation <3468>."

REITs are attractive because they offer stable dividends and relatively high yields, and they have seen increasing interest as investment targets year by year because they enable individuals to engage in small-scale real estate investment, which has previously been difficult. The market capitalization of REITs listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as of the end of December 2016 has reached \12.12 trillion, and the current number of listed REIT stocks (including those listed on February 7, 2017) is 58.

By upgrading and expanding the FISCO REIT Research Reports that will be produced by this project, FISCO IR will both help to enhance the quality of the information disclosed by listed REITs (investment corporations) and also make it easier for investors to understand and analyze individual REITs. In order to contribute to the development of Japan’s financial and capital markets, FISCO IR aims to position its REIT research reports as an essential analytical tool for use by investors when assessing the value of a REIT. FISCO IR believes that this project offers strong prospects for development in the future.

Overview of FISCO IR Ltd. 
Company name : Fisco IR Ltd.
Address : 5-4-30 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 
Establishment : August 9, 1968 
Capital : ¥89,502,215 (As of May 11, 2015) 
Representative : President and CEO Motoki Sato 
Business activities : Provision of IR support services


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