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December 21, 2018

Introduction of iStudy's Learning Management System in FISCO IR's FISCO EyER Platform
Video tutorial feature to be added to educational platform for individual investors

FISCO IR Ltd. announced today that it has adopted the learning management system iStudy LMS developed by iStudy Co. Ltd. (hereafter “iStudy”), for its innovative IR-specialized platform, FISCO EyER (pronounced “aisle”).

iStudy LMS is a learning management system (LMS) used by many IT-related companies in Japan, as well as major Japanese metropolitan banks and life insurance companies. In addition to general organizational management functions, the system also makes it possible for its large user base to manage tutorials for complex cross-sectional organizations, while enabling use of iStudy's learning content. Users can also easily create their own company-tailored content, contributing to the realization of a flexible corporate education and training environment. Starting with its e-learning system, iStudy has demonstrated results over many years by introducing multiple education and training systems. The company uses its cultivated knowledge in the development and introduction of applications focused on the banking and securities industries.

FISCO EyER is an IR-specialized platform that links corporations and investors, providing integrated webcast solutions that distribute dynamic videos to a worldwide audience. With options for live, simulive (both on-demand and live), and on-demand, corporations can control the extent and timing to which their IR-related content is distributed. The new addition of an LMS feature makes it possible for individual investors to gain knowledge related to the market and investing. Thus FISCO EyER is a platform that collects information and allows its users to learn about investing, evolving further into a platform that gathers individual investors who are much more informed. By using FISCO EyER as a platform with more informed individual investors, issuers can also expect efficient information diffusion through opinion leaders and feedback for their companies--features which did not exist in an IR platform until now.

Not simply limited to stock markets, FISCO IR and iStudy are also jointly developing learning content that will improve user skills related to new investment markets, such as cryptocurrency, as a new feature on the platform that will contribute to more opportunities for individual investors to learn.

We hope you look forward to further developments for the FISCO EyER platform as a hub for IR communication and innovation, as well as a generator for new investment opportunities.

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