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Holding Forums for IR Officers of Listed Companies

We seek to promote IR activities that are suitable for the coming era. Today, people are reaffirming the importance of creating relationships of mutual trust and constructive dialogue between investors and corporations. They are reexamining conventional corporate IR activities from various perspectives. Meanwhile, Japanese corporations seek to make corporate disclosures that communicate their presence and medium- and long-term value, and to build better relationships with investors and other stakeholders. Starting from this awareness of issues, we invite experts from various specialist fields to attend FISCO Forums, which serve as experimental forums where they join in numerous free discussions to examine issues and strategies for Japanese corporations seeking to increase their corporate value over the medium and long term and accurately communicate their real strengths.

FISCO Forums bring together corporate CEOs, internal and external experts in various fields, professionals working on the front lines of IR, and investors well-versed in the capital markets to provide a space for high-level dialogue and to deepen exchanges. FISCO IR disseminates the insights obtained from the forums both within Japan and overseas, and works to deepen discussion at the forums and various other places to create a foundation for constructive dialogue with Japanese corporations and investors.

Creation of a Smartphone App

We provide an original app packed with the expertise of professional FISCO analysts who deal with financial information and featuring innovated screening functions. We also support one-stop provision of corporate information provided on the Internet to all types of investors.

Anniversary Projects

We support our client’s anniversary products in terms of communications with shareholders and stakeholders, including corporate histories, anniversary corporate guides, and PR initiatives. Our support covers a wide range from planning and development, and novelty creation of dedicated anniversary websites to holding events.

Notifications and Advertising

There is a demand in IR to enhance the corporate image through advertising and pamphlets linked to PR activities. FISCO IR supports advertising and promotion activities using the Group’s document publishing (paper media) and app for individual investors (Internet media).

These services are provided by FISCO IR Group company Fisco Diamond Agency, Inc.

IR Telephone Answering Service

We provide a telephone answering service for IR-related inquiries at a dedicated call center. Details of the inquiries are reported to the clients.

Bespoke Publishing

We offer a bespoke publishing services tailored for the corporate IR field. The main users are clients who seek to strengthen internal communication such as securely passing on the founder and owner’s way of life and philosophy to future generations, or those who have an awareness of the issues of increasing the company’s name recognition and branding among a wide range of stakeholders centered on shareholders and investors. We can provide full-line support for these projects, including management from planning and proposal to suit the objective through to publishing, large-scale distribution of the books to bookstores nationwide, and publicity activities.

This service is provided through joint use of the book publishing function of Group company Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.
> Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.

Internal Workshops and Training Services

We provide internal training services for improving the IR knowledge and presentation skills of corporate officers, department heads, IR officers, and others. We can provide targeted support such as simulated presentation training with FISCO analysts and supplementary training based on feedback.

IR Agency Services and Contracted Services

As a leading IR support company, we support clients by havin g one of our IR professionals carry out the duties and roles of an IR officer as a substitute. At the same time, we provide various high quality services uniquely cultivated by the FISCO Group as an industry leader.

The FISCO Group can provide comprehensive support for all aspects of IR operations related to clients’ timely and discretionary disclosures of information.


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